Panic Button
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Panic Button

Emergency data erasure system


When activated, Panic Button erases:

  • The information about recently:
    • launched programs
    • opened documents
    • viewed pictures
  • Saved passwords
  • Cookies and cache
  • Browser history
  • RAM's content
  • Any selected files and file-hosted encrypted volumes

Panic Button's Capabilities

Camouflage mode

Camouflage mode

Disguise the red button as a game or text document. The camouflage mode can be activated by going to the settings menu of the program.

Hot keys

Hot keys

Don't waste your time and create a custom shortcut that will instantly trigger the red button.

Notification alerts

Notification alerts

Alert your partners to Panic Button's activation on your computer. The program will send notifications to the email and XMPP addresses previously indicated in the settings menu as soon as you press the red button.

Logic bomb

Logic bomb

Did perpetrators get access to your computer? Set up a logic bomb to prevent them from accessing your sensitive data.

Development Plan

  • Remote activation of Panic Button
  • Protection of the program's settings with a password
  • Notifications in Telegram
  • Deletion of correspondence in instant messaging services
  • Deletion of the history of downloaded torrents
  • Disabling the access to cloud hard drives
  • Emptying of folders
  • Sound when activating Panic Button
  • Checking and deletion of shadow copies
  • Camouflaging Panic Button as a folder


Panic Button is updated to the version 2.02

- Save erased file paths to encrypted database instead of text file.
- Use all CPU cores for files shredder.
- Clean up NTFS filesystem journal.
- Add file type indication to shredder list (text, binary or еncrypted).

Panic Button is updated to the version 1.0.8

- Check localization files presence.
- Removed any informational text from empty block screen, appearing during panic.
- Fixed incorrect hibernation file detection.
- Fixed installer certificate.
- Warn users which functional of application is experimental.
- Fixed license server address.

Panic Button is updated to the version 1.0.7

- Fixed service error during browsers cleanup.
- Increased timeframe befare feedback window display up to 15 days.
- Fixed message box style.
- Fixed fonts display on high DPI screens.
- Fixed MS Office cleanup attempt error, even though is was not installed.

Panic Button is updated to the version

Panic Button is updated to the version Update contains some invalid hyperlink fixes, and fixed window top background display, which has been reported incorrect by some users.

Panic Button is available for download

Panic Button is available for download.


  • Does Panic Button pose danger for my computer?

    Panic Button is as much harmful as shutting down or restarting your computer.
  • How intrusive is Panic Button for my daily routine activities?

    Panic Button never affects your everyday tasks. Unless you choose the option of deleting the encryption keys when computer goes to sleep. In this case the encrypted file-hosted volumes will be automatically dismounted and the encryption keys - removed from RAM.
  • What are the minimum requirements for my PC to run Panic Button?

    Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later, 1 GHz or higher CPU, 512 Mb or higher RAM, 100 Mb Disk space.
  • What information does RAM store?

    RAM stores all the information currently being used by the programs, like the keys of encrypted file-hosted volumes or correspondence, clipboard's content, notifications, private browsing data and other. Learn more by going to the lower part of the website.
  • Is it possible to extract information from RAM after Panic Button is activated?

    No, it's not. Panic Button wipes RAM and makes its content unrecoverable.
  • Can I send notification alerts if computer is not connected to the internet?

    No, you can't. Notification alerts can be sent to emails and XMPP (Jabber) only provided there is an internet connection.
  • How does Camouflage mode work?

    Camouflage mode is an option of Panic Button that disguises the program as a text document or a game. When you apply this mode, its title and icons will be changed. This feature basically serves to cover your Panic Button.
  • Is Panic Button capable of performing emergency data destruction for any files I want?

    Yes, it is. Panic Button has no limitations for the types of files you want to delete, however, the removal of the files that take up more than 150 Mb is not recommended as it may slow down Panic Button's activation. This recommendation is not applicable to encrypted file-hosted volumes.
  • How does Panic Button remove encrypted file-hosted volumes?

    Panic Button repeatedly damages encrypted file-hosted volumes to a useless and unrecoverable state. That allows for an instant destruction of encrypted file-hosted volumes that are dozens and even hundreds of Gb in size.
  • Does Panic Button remove folders?

    Panic Button doesn't delete folders. But you can add your folder to an encrypted file-hosted volume and delete it along with it.
  • What data will Panic Button remove from my hard disk?

    Panic Button wipes clean the history about launched programs, viewed documents and pictures, browsing history, cookies, saved passwords. Panic Button will also remove any files you will select in the settings menu of the program.
  • How does Panic Button erase such huge volumes of data so fast?

    We do not recommend you to add files over 150 Mb. If you want to be able to urgently destruct large files, create an encrypted file-hosted volume and put them into it. Even if your encrypted file-hosted volume is 100 Gb in size, Panic Button will destruct it in less than few seconds. Panic Button will securely remove part of the encrypted file-hosted volume and make it unrecoverable.
  • What's a logic bomb?

    This feature sets off Panic Button if user fails to perform certain actions. For instance, a perpetrator gets full access to your computer, but he or she does not see anything suspicious about it. They are not aware that the folder "Documents" contains file Doc1 and if they fail to launch it within 30 seconds into their entry, Panic Button will trigger automatically destructing all sensitive information and sending notification alerts to the contacts indicated in the settings menu.
  • What limitations does Panic Button's trial version have?

    The trial version allows to use the program for 14 days from its activation. The trial version has the functions of notification alerts, removal of data from the hard disk and logic bomb unavailable. If you need these options, unlock the full version of Panic Button.
  • How many devices can I use per license?

    One license activates Panic Button on one device.
  • Can I transfer my license to a different device?

    To perform a transfer of license, during the program's setup on the new device, in the activation menu select the option "I already have a license". Follow the instructions from then on.
  • Can I change the email I provided for my license?

    To change your email, use this link.


Panic Button defends data by urgently removing it from the hard disk drive and random-access memory of your computer. The program can run in manual mode upon its activation by a user as well as in logic bomb mode. A logic bomb is programmed to trigger automatically when a perpetrator gains access to a computer.


Panic Button is capable of urgently deleting any files chosen by the user. You can select documents, movies, music, programs, archives, encrypted file-hosted volumes, and Panic Button will urgently destroy them at the required moment.

Panic Button is adapted to run on HDDs and SSDs. To destroy data, it uses state-of-the-art technologies that make information recovery impossible. The CryptoCrash technology allows you to remove a 500GB file only for a few seconds.

Panic Button can delete browser history, saved passwords, cookies, information about recently viewed photos, opened documents and launched programs in seconds. It offers a flexible settings system that enables you to indicate the information you need to remove upon activation.

When activated, Panic Button instantly removes from RAM the encryption keys of such popular programs as TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, BitLocker, KeePass, clears all RAM and turns off a computer.


Panic Button’s most crucial task is to defend valuable information from third parties that gained access to a computer. It is useful in emergency situations when a user cannot prevent the perpetrators from accessing his or her computer, or the access to the computer was obtained surreptitiously, unbeknownst to the user.

In the latter case Panic Button makes use of the logic bomb feature and triggers independently, destroying all sensitive information irretrievably in seconds.

Panic Button’s second task is to help a user urgently remove all sensitive information on a computer. Due to the option of selecting a hot keys, the removal process takes only a few seconds and does not require more than one key stroke.

The third task is to provide reliable defense against the forensic analysis of the random-access memory, swap file and hibernation file. RAM stores the information currently being used that includes encryption keys, the clipboard’s content, the data of the browser in safe mode and other sensitive information. It is important to prevent third parties from accessing this data.

Panic Button solves this task by wiping RAM, however the information from RAM may be stored on the hard disk of the computer – to swap files and hibernation files. During the setup the program will test your computer’s protection from forensic analysis and, upon identifying swap and hibernation files, send you a notification.

Additional capabilities

Camouflage mode is a function that allows to disguise Panic Button’s shortcuts in the system tray and on your desktop. Panic Button can be disguised as a game or text document. Remember that the disguise hides only the external signs of Panic Button’s presence.

Panic Button offers automatic removal of the encryption keys of programs TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, BitLocker, KeePass from RAM when a computer goes to sleep. That may serve as an additional layer of defense of the keys for the users that seek maximum protection for their data.

When activated, Panic Button can send notifications to the specified email and XMPP (Jabber) addresses. This capability allows to instantly alert you, your family, colleagues and partners should a security issue arise.